Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: Eggs for Easter

go to link There are a lot of food-related holiday traditions out there, and while I can’t get behind anything that encourages you to eat a boatload of sugar/corn syrup/yellow #5/ partially hydrogenated fats, I DO like one that leaves you with an excess of hard-boiled eggs.

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source site Having a surplus of protein-rich, ready-to-eat eggs for the week is great for quick snacks, breakfast or even lunches, with a few add-ins. I know most people will be tempted to dice ‘em up and mix with a ton of mayonnaise to slap on white bread, or slice them to mix with sour cream for deviled eggs, but I implore you to consider an alternative.

Dapoxetine Online Buy India I created this little salad for myself sometime last year when I was sick of my usual lunchtime staple. It’s like egg salad with a colorful, healthy twist, and I don’t kid when I say my co-workers at the time were JEALOUS of my creation. Instead of mayo, I mixed the chopped eggs with avocado and diced cherry tomatoes and put it atop mixed greens – no dressing necessary! Almost like a Cobb salad, minus the bacon, blue cheese and heavy dressing.

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Buy Amoxicillin Uk Kait’s Green Egg Salad


go 2 whole hard-boiled eggs, chopped

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Priligy Purchase 2 hard-boiled egg whites, chopped

Cheap Cytotec Online Handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped

Can I Buy Provigil From Canada ½ an avocado, mashed

Online Cytotec 1-2 cups mixed greens Combine the first four ingredients with the mashed avocado (add salt, pepper and garlic powder if you like – I add those to everything. Consider adding a spicy kick with cayenne). Scoop on top on greens. Enjoy!

Cytotec Overnight Without Prescription source link follow url Originally published on the Tewksbury Sports Club Facebook page April 3, 2015. Check out my #FitFoodieFriday posts every week at

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