Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: Eggs for Easter

There are a lot of food-related holiday traditions out there, and while I can’t get behind anything that encourages you to eat a boatload of sugar/corn syrup/yellow #5/ partially hydrogenated fats, I DO like one that leaves you with an excess of hard-boiled eggs.

Having a surplus of protein-rich, ready-to-eat eggs for the week is great for quick snacks, breakfast or even lunches, with a few add-ins. I know most people will be tempted to dice ‘em up and mix with a ton of mayonnaise to slap on white bread, or slice them to mix with sour cream for deviled eggs, but I implore you to consider an alternative.

I created this little salad for myself sometime last year when I was sick of my usual lunchtime staple. It’s like egg salad with a colorful, healthy twist, and I don’t kid when I say my co-workers at the time were JEALOUS of my creation. Instead of mayo, I mixed the chopped eggs with avocado and diced cherry tomatoes and put it atop mixed greens – no dressing necessary! Almost like a Cobb salad, minus the bacon, blue cheese and heavy dressing.

Try this out!

Kait’s Green Egg Salad

2 whole hard-boiled eggs, chopped

2 hard-boiled egg whites, chopped

Handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped

½ an avocado, mashed

1-2 cups mixed greens

Combine the first four ingredients with the mashed avocado (add salt, pepper and garlic powder if you like – I add those to everything. Consider adding a spicy kick with cayenne). Scoop on top on greens. Enjoy!

Originally published on the Tewksbury Sports Club Facebook page April 3, 2015. Check out my #FitFoodieFriday posts every week at

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