Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: Morning Mocha Smoothie

What was for breakfast this morning? If you’re like a lot of other Americans, it may have just been a cup of coffee.

I don’t think I need to tell you that a cup of coffee isn’t a substantial meal, but I will tell you this: without a morning meal, you’re due to overeat with not-so healthy choices at lunch. With my morning mocha smoothie, you’ve got your coffee mixed right into your meal, all in an easy-to-go package that you can sip on your morning commute. Plus, it tastes like a frappucino without all the funky chemicals and sweeteners.

Morning Mocha Smoothie:

6 oz iced coffee (brew the night before and leave it in the refrigerator)

half or full frozen banana

1 scoop of chocolate protein (use plain or vanilla if you like, or add cocoa powder to the plain)

Splash of milk (cow’s or nut milk)


Don’t like coffee? Avoid caffeine? Sub it for milk or use decaf! My recommendation: if you choose to leave the coffee out, add peanut butter to make it taste like a peanut butter cup.

Originally published on the Tewksbury Sports Club Facebook page March 20, 2015. Check out my #FitFoodieFriday posts every week at

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