Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: Spring Citrus

So yes, there’s still snow on the ground, but with the temperature hitting 45 degrees this week and the clock SPRINGING ahead this weekend, we can agree that a new season is FINALLY on it’s way.

The anticipation of spring coincides perfectly with the arrival of peak season for citrus fruits, for two main reasons. First, citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C, a vital micronutrient in keeping your immune system strong in warding off colds that come between seasons. Second, the juicey tart flavor, warm colors and iconic smell make me feel like I’m taking bites of sunshine whether straight up as a snack or served up as part of a meal.

Speaking of sunshine, based on the new faces I’ve been seeing at the gym lately, many are working on their fitness to prepare for spring break, swimsuit buying season and all the hours planned to be spent at the beach at this summer.

So in order to keep our bodies right and tight, here’s a citrus-y way to top your salads this week. I have for you a very simple way to get a little springtime in your salad with some yummy dressing. I suggest using it to “zest up” a salad with grilled chicken, mixed greens, chopped cucumber (my favorite) and pieces of grapefruit. Use it in place of all the dressings packed with sucralose and xanthan gum and pat yourself on the back, because no one has to know how easy it was.


*I’ve been taught to use one part vinegar to three parts oil, but personally I like a little more vinegar in mine. For this dressing, feel free to play with proportions for your taste.

One part balsamic vinegar

Three parts extra virgin olive oil

The zest of one orange peel (use the fruit’s sections in your salad)

Optional: A couple shakes of ginger powder or grated ginger for an Asian kick

Salt and pepper to taste

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