Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: The Anti-Girl Scout Cookie

Friends, prepare yourselves – Girl Scout cookie season is upon us.

I have nothing against Girl Scouts – I was a Brownie back in the day – but there’s nothing like the promise of a good cause and that “once-a-year” mentality to make you stock up on those brightly colored boxes. Don’t you just love forking over cash just to see a little girl smile?

JUST PUT DOWN THE BOX AND WALK AWAY. Or better yet, turn it over and read the nutrition facts: high in sugar, fat, and preservatives to keep a long shelf life. Translation: nothing that will make you feel good. Thin Mints? Nothing about these will make you smaller! And the combination of stocking up and those open sleeves of cookies will have you reaching into that box time and again.

Still want a cookie? We have an alternative that’s a thousand times better, because it’s absolutely DELICIOUS and healthy enough to qualify as a granola bar. During this time of year, I’m trained to say NO anytime anyone asks, “Hey Kait, do you want a cookie?”, but when Marisa Harrington shared her homemade healthy cookies with the Tewksbury Sports Club staff last Saturday, I HAD to eat one AND ask for the recipe to share with you all. So here it is:

Marisa Harrington’s Amazing Healthy Cookies

2 ripe bananas

I cup rolled oats (use gluten-free if you choose)

⅓ cup chocolate chips (for a vegan alternative use Enjoy Life chips)

optional add-ins: dash of cinnamon*

*I haven’t tried to bake these cookies (I was just a very happy taste-tester), but I’m willing to bet they would be just as fantastic if you added anything you wanted to the mix. My suggestions are raisins, chopped nuts, coconut flakes or even peanut butter. Who needs Girl Scout cookies when you’ve got CHOICES?!


Mash up bananas in a small bowl with a fork.

Add in rolled oats and mix together until fully incorporated

Mix in chocolate chips and other add-ins

Scoop with a spoon and drop a small scoop of dough onto a greased (or lined baking sheet (should make about 15 cookies)

Bake at 350 degrees for 13-15 minutes and slightly golden on top.

Originally published on the Tewksbury Sports Club Facebook page March 13, 2015. Check out my #FitFoodieFriday posts every week at


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