Chef Kait’s Weekly Fit Recipe: Fit Foodie Homemade Ice Cream

Summer commandment #1: Thou shalt not ruin thy progress in the gym by standing in the ice cream line across the street.

I’m not saying you can’t partake in the joy of a frozen treat as the temperature rises. Thou shalt indulge responsibly. Putting a banana and a cherry in your sundae does NOT make it healthy, and you won’t be so happy putting your bathing suit on the next day. Tons of sugar, fat and no benefits? Not exactly a day at the beach.

Instead, make your own ice cream with one ingredient: BANANAS. Freeze a banana or two (for best results, cut into slices first), pop it in a blender and VOILA: just like ice cream. Recreate your favorite flavor with vanilla, cacao powder, peanut butter, nuts, berries or even combos like mint extract and chocolate chips.

Not convinced that bananas can taste like ice cream? Try it. You may go ….bananas for it (I had to).

Originally published on the Tewksbury Sports Club Facebook page May 22, 2015. Check out my #FitFoodieFriday posts every week at

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