A sugar “detox” that actually makes sense

http://verdoesfietsen.nl/winkel/?filter_merk=specialized It’s everywhere right now: in your home, at work, on sale at the store. People just KEEP GIVING IT to you. And you want to stop – you really, really do – but it feels impossible. I’m talking about SUGAR. In the days leading up to and following a holiday known for making sugar plums[…]


My “Holiday Survival Guide” – PLUS a free workout you can do anywhere!

Can I Buy Amoxicillin Online Uk ‘Tis the season … for everyone to drop their diet. Between decorating your house, cleaning for company, shopping and cooking for company, attending/hosting parties … what was a number one priority drops much lower on the list. And if you’ve been on a weight-loss plan for more than a couple months, you know what happens[…]


An open letter to holiday bakers

watch DEAR HOLIDAY BAKERS, They say the holiday season is all about holiday giving, sharing love with one another and being charitable to all. I’m sure it’s the same reason all you closet bakers of the world go full cylinder during the month of December. I, and the other baked goods receivers of the world (hint:[…]

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