Time for some tough love: Five signs you aren’t that committed to your body transformation goal

A wise man once said, don’t half-ass anything – always use your full ass. Then a fit chick agreed, and used that full ass for three sets of ten squats. 

Time for some tough love from your trainer.

  • You aren’t writing anything down. Of all the reasons, real and excusatory, that keep us from adhering to our fitness and nutrition plan, there are none that apply to recording. You probably already write down a million things a day: with a pen, on a computer or texting your friends. This task takes two seconds. Eat it, write it. Don’t like a pen and paper? Use your “Notes” on an IPhone (or equivalent app in another smartphone). Put it in a Google Doc or an email. There are TONS of apps for recording nutrition and exercise like My Fitness Pal, which even has a barcode scanner and thousands of food information recorded. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN: take a picture and send it to your trainer (I bet that will make you cool it on the Oreos)
  • You use “but I walked a lot that day,” as a reason that you skipped your assigned HIIT cardio. Walking is great for keeping active, and yes it burns calories, but it’s not the same as training. If your goal is fat loss and you’ve been at it for awhile, it’s time to welcome the cardio upgrade. High intensity training not only increases your cardiovascular endurance and burns calories before AND long after your session is over, but it builds muscle, too. Walking is great for your mood and your metabolism, but it doesn’t supplement spin class, incline treadmill sprints or plyometric exercise.
  • You refuse to give up booze/sugar in your coffee/diet soda/white bread/chips with your sandwich. I get it – it’s hard giving up that one thing you feel like you can’t function without. But if it’s a daily thing, and it’s making a dent in your calorie budget and hindering your progress, then it has to go. Trust me, that “one thing” is more habit than anything else. A few weeks into giving it up and you will hardly miss it, probably as much as you won’t miss those extra pounds it was keeping on you
  • You use “I forgot” as a reason to skip meal prep. YOU DON’T FORGET THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT. You just don’t. There is no “forget.” What you are really saying is, “I didn’t care that much.” Did you hand in your homework at school, or did you tell your teacher you didn’t give a f*ck? Odds are it wasn’t the latter. You did the work and handed it in because IT WAS IMPORTANT. So remember how important it is and make it a damn priority.
  • You’ve uttered the excuse “Well it’s better than I would have done before.” This is called “settling for less,” and it has no place in fitness. Fitness is about making yourself better than you were yesterday, yes, but if you know you can do even better today, if you know you are capable of more effort but you are giving less, you are cheating yourself. You deserve better. So do better.

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