May 24, 2014

About Fit Journo

“There’s a beast in every person, and it stirs when you put a barbell in their hands.”

I will never forget the first time I wrapped my hands around a bar lifted it from the rack. The exhilaration when I squatted my own body weight or after years of practice, nailed my first pullup. Crossed the finish line at my first half marathon.

I love seeing that look on my client’s faces. It’s a turning point that changes your life. I know because I’ve experienced it myself. Fitness has done so much for me in the years from chubby kid to college athlete, and then to personal trainer. Most importantly, over time it gave me the work ethic and confidence to pursue my passion to help other people change their own lives.

I got started changing mine when I picked up a fitness magazine at the age of 14. I saw a before-and-after photo and believed that I could make the same transformation in my own life. When my first efforts turned to result, I was hooked. I read everything I could, asked questions and put myself in places to learn from those I respected.

Because of the way I got started, I am passionate about the power of information, and that’s how FitJourno was born. I believe all it takes for you to succeed is education and just a little bit of gumption. 

You must provide the latter – I can give you the rest. If you can make one step forward, and I can get you running. And that’s not just a metaphor – together, we’ll be crossing finish lines.

Armed with information, you are unstoppable.




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